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Welcome to the
Veg•4•Life Gainesville


Members: Please read important information at the bottom of this page!


We promote a plant-based diet through community potlucks and educational outreach programs.

We believe that sharing this alternative diet is critical for improving human and environmental health, as well as alleviating animal suffering.


Join us every month for
a Community
Veggie and Vegan* Potluck!

Our potlucks are the FIRST Saturday of each month.

*Vegan means no animal flesh, eggs, dairy (including cheese),
Jell-O, marshmallows or honey.


Members: Please read important information at the bottom of this page!


Our next potluck is to be held on:
Saturday, February 7th, 2015
doors open at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7 pm

This month's topic:

2015 Planning & Brainstorming Meeting

Come with a vegan dish and your suggestions.

We will be using the facilities of
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

4225 NW 34th Street

Gainesville, Florida


click to see map

Please bring a veggie or vegan* potluck dish
homemade and enough to serve 6-8 people
(couples please bring enough for 12-16)
Without a dish, cost is $7

Also, please bring a serving utensil, a plate,
silverware, a cup, napkin, beverage and an appetite.


For More Information, please e-mail us at



Everyone’s Invited!

$1.00 only — plus one vegan* dish

Doors Open at 6:30
Dinner at 7:00




Dear Veg4Life members,

Welcome to the New Year! In 2015, Veg4Life hopes to make some improvements to our local group, while continuing our monthly veggie potlucks held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Gainesville.

Here’s some important information!

In the year ahead, we hope to become more visible and accessible to the Gainesville community. We’ve had the good fortune to be able to share a Meetup website with another local veg group, the Gainesville FL Veg Meetup.

Our new Veg4Life Meetup page will make it easier for us to send out notices about potluck programs, as well as other veg-related events.

However, this means that we will be retiring the old Veg4Life website (

In order for us to keep in touch with you, and to send you Veg4Life notices, we need you to sign-on to our new Meetup page! By entering your email address and password, we will be able to rebuild our members’ list. Rest assured that your email will be secure, and will never be given out. You will only receive a welcome note from Meetup, and occasional notices from Veg4Life.

So, we hope that you will take a few minutes now to join us on Meetup. Simply click the link below, then Sign up from the Meetup page; and then click on Join to become a member of the Veg4Life Gainesville meetup. It’s easy and painless – honest!

Click on this link to sign up:

As we move into our tenth year, we are reassessing our role in the community. And we would like your ideas and input. That is why, at our upcoming February 7th potluck, we will take time to brainstorm some ideas with you. So bring a vegan dish, and come with your suggestions!

We look forward to seeing you. Same time, same location. And you can get more info on our Meetup page!

To contact us via email, please note our new email address

From the Veg4Life team: Winnie, Larry, Mary, Joyce & Jeff


Veg for Life Gainesville